Pizza Express

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Onni Interactive
Plug In Digital
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Русский, Английский, Итальянский
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Описание игры

Pizza Express is a fast-paced restaurant simulation for Windows, developed by one-man studio Onni Interactive, where you'll join the laborious Gastone and his reckless friend Lucky in a tasty adventure which will bring you from zero to hero.

Manage every aspect of your pizzeria and make it become the best eatery in town. But be quick! You only have 30 days to conquer the F.L.A.B.'s (Finger Licking Associated Bistros) hearts and top their table!

Reminiscent of classic hits like Diner Dash and Cook, Serve, Delicious!, you're sure to find hours of entertainment in Pizza Express!Features
Complete control over YOUR menu! Design your very own pizzas: assign them a name, top them as you like and set their price.
More than 50 ingredients to unlock and choose from.
A detailed management mode to neatly organise your small culinary empire. Purchase new tables, adjust the business hours, add new furniture to your restaurant, advertise it, propose scrumptious offers to your customers!
A dynamic and unpredictable story, featuring subplots and alternate endings.
A huge variety of zesty characters to meet and love (or hate).
Suitable for all players and needs, thanks to 250 different possible difficulty combinations.
Tight competition in order to become the best restaurant in town.
Retro graphics and music.
Available in English and Italian.

Системные требования

Минимальные системные требования:

  • ОС *: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Процессор: Pentium or equivalent
  • Оперативная память: 256 MB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: 64 MB of video memory compatible with DirectX 8 or above
  • DirectX: версии 8.0
  • Место на диске: 75 MB
  • Звуковая карта: Compatible with DirectX 8 or above

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Field of Glory II: Wolves at the Gate

This expansion extends Field of Glory II forward to 1040 AD, exploring the rich military history of the so-called “Dark Ages”, from the whirlwind Arab Conquest to the depredations of the Vikings and Magyars, the birth of England, France, Germany and Spain, and the long struggle of the Byzantine Empire to keep Roman civilisation alive in the east. From 600 to 628 AD the Byzantines were locked in a titanic struggle for survival against the aggressive Sassanid Persian Empire, from which they eventually emerged victorious. Both empires, however, were severely weakened. Six years later, in 634, the newly Islamized Arabs erupted forth from Arabia, quickly defeating the Byzantines and Persians. By 750, under the Umayyad Caliphate, the Muslim Arab Empire stretched from Spain to the borders of India. The Byzantine Empire, after losing its Levantine and North African provinces, survived the initial Islamic advance. Constantinople endured a year long siege (717-718), and this proved to be the beginning of the end for the Umayyad Caliphate. Eventually, weakened by defeats on the frontiers of their vast empire and internal unrest, the Umayyads were overthrown by the Abbasid dynasty. The great Islamic Empire was now split into many separate, and often competing states. The Byzantines grew stronger under the Macedonian Dynasty (867-1056), and ended the period more powerful than they had been for many centuries. In Northern Europe, Viking raids started in the late 8th century. Superb sailors, they used their longboats to strike across the Baltic and North Seas against towns, farms and monasteries, and raid as far as Seville and Constantinople. Eventually they settled down, and created important states in Normandy and the Kievan Rus. Their invasions of the British Isles resulted in centuries of intermittent warfare with the English, Irish and Scottish kingdoms. Charlemagne ruled as King of the Franks from 768-814 AD. The kingdom he inherited already included most of modern France and parts of Germany. By his death in 814, his empire encompassed modern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, northern Italy and a strip of northern Spain. In 800 he was crowned “Emperor of the Romans” by Pope Leo III. After his death the Carolingian Empire split into two main states, West Francia (modern France) and East Francia (modern Germany). In the 9th century the nomadic Magyars erupted into European history. Their western raids reached as far as Spain. Their defeat by the Germans at Lechfeld in 955 ended their threat to Western Europe and in 1000 their High Prince accepted Christianity and was recognised as King of Hungary by Pope Sylvester II, ruling under his Christian name of István (Stephen) I. Summary of features: 19 new factions 55 new units 76 new army lists 6 new Epic Battles 74 new Quick Battles Expanded Custom Battles module. Expanded Sandbox Campaign module. 6 new historically-based campaigns. New Allies feature added in accompanying game update. 19 new named factions: Andalusians, Bulgars, Croatians, Dailami, Fatimids, French, Ghaznavids, Khazars, Khorasanians, Magyars, Moravians, Navarrese, Normans, Pechenegs, Polish, Rus, Scots, Serbians, Vikings. 55 new units: Huscarls (Spear), Huscarls (Axe), Mounted Huscarls, Berserkers, Well-Equipped Shieldwall (Offensive), Shieldwall (Offensive), Hirdsmen, Dismounted Hirdsmen, Picked Irish Foot (Axe), Irish Foot (Axe), Irish Kerns, (Dark Age) Armoured Lancers, Dismounted Armoured Lancers, (Dark Age) Lancers, Dismounted Lancers, (Dark Age) Armoured Cavalry (Light Spear), Dismounted Armoured Cavalry, (Dark Age) Cavalry (Light Spear), Dismounted Cavalry, Crossbowmen, Light Crossbowmen, Byzantine Kataphraktoi, Tagmatic Lancers & Archers, Thematic Lancers & Archers, Varangian Guard (Early), Byzantine Skutatoi, Byzantine Raw Skutatoi, Byzantine Massed Archers, Byzantine Light Archers,  Byzantine Skutatoi & Archers, Raw Byzantine Skutatoi & Archers, Light Horse Archers (Pecheneg/Cuman), Horse Archers (Pecheneg/Cuman), Muslim Spearmen, Raw Muslim Spearmen, Veteran Muslim Spearmen, 'Abid al-shira, Muslim Irregular Foot, Armoured Muslim Lancers (Superior), Dismounted (Superior) Armoured Muslim Lancers, Armoured Muslim Lancers (Average), Dismounted (Average) Armoured Muslim Lancers, Muslim Lancers, Ghilman, Dismounted Ghilman, Muslim Cavalry (Light Spear), Muslim War Elephants, Muslim Light Horse (Javelins),  Muslim Light Foot Archers, Muslim Light Javelinmen, Naffatun, Veteran Dailami Foot, Dailami Foot, Superior Indian Lancers, Indian Lancers. 76 new army lists (which expands the total number of army lists to 281): Alan 651-1049 AD Andalusian 756-1049 AD Anglo-Danish 1017-1041 AD Anglo-Saxon 600-870 AD Anglo-Saxon 871-949 AD Anglo-Saxon 950-1016 AD Arab (Conquest) 629-637 AD Arab (Conquest) 638-684 AD Arab (Umayyad) 685-750 AD Arab (Abbasid) 747-793 AD Arab (Abbasid) 794-814 AD Arab (Abbasid) 815-835 AD Arab (Abbasid) 836-873 AD Arab (Abbasid) 874-946 AD Arab (North Africa) 789-999 AD Arab (North Africa) 1000-1160 AD Arab (Syria/Iraq) 890-1008 AD Arab (Syria/Iraq) 1009-1150 AD Armenian 639-717 AD Armenian 885-1045 AD Avar 632-826 AD British 600-1030 AD Bulgar 631-679 AD Bulgar (Volga) 675-1237 AD Bulgar (Danube) 680-851 AD Bulgar (Danube) 852-1018 AD Byzantine 600-649 AD Byzantine 650-739 AD Byzantine 740-903 AD Byzantine 904-962 AD Byzantine 963-987 AD Byzantine 988-1041 AD Croatian 625-849 AD Croatian 850-1102 AD Dabuyid 642-760 AD Dailami 928-1055 AD Fatimid Egyptian 978-1073 AD Frankish 600-750 AD Frankish 751-887 AD French 888-1049 AD Georgian 1008-1049 AD German 888-932 AD German 933-1049 AD Ghaznavid 962-1187 AD Indian (Hindu North) 600-1049 AD Indian (Hindu South) 600-1049 AD Indian (Rajput) 650-1049 AD Irish 900-1049 AD Khazar 650-737 AD Khazar 738-969 AD Khorasanian 821-1003 AD Lombard 650-775 AD Lombard 776-1049 AD Magyar 830-1049 AD Moravian 833-907 AD Navarrese 778-899 AD Navarrese 900-1049 AD Norman 923-1040 AD Pecheneg 850-1122 AD Polish 966-1057 AD Rus 860-959 AD Rus 960-1053 AD Sassanid Persian 629-651 AD Saxon (Continental) 600-804 AD Scots 851-1051 AD Serbian 625-849 AD Serbian 850-1039 AD Spanish 718-899 AD Spanish 900-1049 AD Turkish 600-1036 AD Viking 790-899 AD Viking 900-1049 AD Viking (Ireland) 780-899 AD Viking (Ireland) 900-1049 AD Visigothic 622-717 AD Welsh 600-1049 AD 6 new Epic Battles: Yarmouk 636 AD (Byzantines vs Arabs), Ashdown 871 AD (Anglo-Saxons vs Vikings), Lechfeld 955 AD (East Franks vs Magyars), Apamea 998 AD (Byzantines vs Fatimid Egyptians), Chach 1001 AD (Indians vs Ghaznavids), Clontarf 1018 AD (Irish and Vikings vs Vikings and Irish) (each playable from either side). 74 new Quick Battles (each playable from either side). Expanded Field of Glory II Custom Battles module now includes all 281 army lists from Immortal Fire, Rise of Rome, Legions Triumphant, Age of Belisarius, Rise of Persia and Wolves at the Gate. (Purchase of the appropriate DLCs is necessary to access them all). Expanded Field of Glory II Sandbox Campaigns module now includes all 281 army lists from Immortal Fire, Rise of Rome, Legions Triumphant, Age of Belisarius, Rise of Persia and Wolves at the Gate. (Purchase of the appropriate DLCs is necessary to access them all). 6 new historically-based campaigns: Arab Conquest Basil II (Byzantine Resurgence) Charlemagne Mahmud of Ghazni Wolves from the Sea 1 (Viking Age from Viking point of view) Wolves from the Sea 2 (Viking Age from enemy point of view) New Allies feature added in the accompanying game update allows you to include historical allies in either or both armies for SP and MP Custom Battles throughout the period covered by the game – now 680 BC-1040 AD. The game creates a composite army list drawn partly from the main army list and partly from the allied army list. This effectively increases the number of army lists to more than 700. (Purchase of the appropriate DLCs is necessary to access them all). Including “what if” battles, this increases the number of potential matchups to a mind-boggling 500,000 – before unit selection!

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Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog

Close Combat: Panthers in the Fog details the desperate German counter-attack at Mortain, the last chance of the Wehrmacht to stave off defeat in Normandy.   Can you match the tenacity of the American defenders of Hill 314?  Or can you succeed where the Panzers failed, driving through to the sea and changing history? Play single battles, linked operations, or even the Grand campaign simulating all six crucial days of fighting.  With 35 linked battlefields and historically accurate formations and units, strategic choices are as important as tactical prowess.  New features of long-range interdiction, strategic high ground and adverse weather conditions bring an insight into the challenges faced by those who commanded both sides in this pivotal WW2 battle. Command your forces on the strategic level, issuing orders to battalion or regimental-sized units to attack or defend, and allocate air or artillery support.  Then fight out the resulting engagements in a highly-detailed, real-time simulation of World War II tactical combat.  The results of the tactical battle determine who controls each area, and where they can move at the strategic level. For the Allies the Normandy landings of June were followed by two months of hard fighting in difficult terrain against a tenacious German defense.  But in late July the U.S. Army’s Operation Cobra has finally created a decisive breach in the weakened German line.  Patton’s 3rd Army races through the opening along the western coast of France and into the clear, driving for the Brittany Ports.  Faced with the choice between retreat and last-ditch counter-attack, the Germans struggle to assemble a panzer force for one more charge.  Can the Germans move quickly enough to overcome a desperate situation, push through to Avranches on the French coast, and cut off Patton’s racing spearheads?  Or will the thinly stretched Americans troops screening Patton’s flank be able to hold out, regroup, and hold the vital lifeline open? FEATURES Issues orders to your major units on a strategic level, and then fight each engagement at the tactical level. Accurately depicts World War II tactical warfare and its challenges in real-time. Proven psychological model influences the behaviour of your men in combat. Each individual soldier may tire, gain experience, and gain or lose morale after every battle. Manage your forces and preserve your veteran soldiers to field the most effective force possible. Includes a wide variety of historical squads, weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and artillery. Mount troops or guns on vehicles during tactical battles. Accurate and realistic equipment modelling. Weather conditions, including night and fog influence the battle at all levels. Use strategic-level air and artillery interdiction to block or slow the movement of enemy forces. Call in close air support, mortar support, and indirect fire support at the tactical level. Integrated multi-player lobby and match-making forums. Enhanced Scenario Editor - Create your own "what if" Scenarios. A host of adjustable game settings including speed scroll speed, sound volume, and UI layout. Enhanced to run well on modern DirectX systems Enjoy the huge variety of modifications available from the Close Combat Community providing years of additional gaming pleasure.

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Gary Grigsby's War in the East 2: Steel Inferno

Expand The Front!Steel Inferno puts the spotlight on several major offensives that influenced the course of the war in the East, while opening up new areas of the War in the East 2 map. With 8 new Scenarios and 2 new Campaigns, it will significantly expand your War in the East 2 experience. For the first time in the War in the East 2 series, operations in all of Yugoslavia in 1944 are covered. Finnish forces also make an appearance in the area just north of Leningrad. Several scenarios cover the German attack into the Caucasus, including a hypothetical scenario that provides the Germans with an additional army for the campaign. Drama on the Danube places the German player in the difficult position of trying to deal with the surrender of Romania and Bulgaria, and the difficulties of the German forces in Greece trying to escape north through partisan-controlled territory. Also included are two new full map campaigns which begin with the German Operation Citadel in July 1943 and about a month before the Soviet Operation Bagration in May 1944.Features1)    1943 Campaign - 3 Jul 43 - 6 Jul 45 -- A full Campaign starting out with the German Operation Citadel, the largest tank battle in history. It allows players to explore the best way for the Germans to recover from the earlier Stalingrad debacle, and the best way for the Soviets to beat the Allies to Berlin. 2)    1944 Campaign - 11 May 44 - 4 Jul 45 -- A full Campaign that begins with the Soviets readying for the start of their massive Summer 1944 offensives.  Within four months, these offensives led to the destruction of Army Group Center, and the capitulation of Romania and Finland. Within a year, Berlin had fallen. Can you do better? 3)    Operation Kutuzov - 12 Jul 43 - 3 Oct 44 -- Following the repulse of the German attack on Kursk, Operation Kutuzov was launched to retake Orel and push on towards Smolensk. 4)    Road to Karelia - 22 Jun 41 - 11 Oct 41 -- The first WitE2 scenario to include a section of the Finnish front. It covers the first 4 month German push to capture Leningrad, and the Finnish effort to push the Soviets out of Finnish Karelian territory, recently ceded during the Winter War. 5)    Army Group A - Part I - Race for the Caucasus - 25 Jul 42 - 20 Nov 42 -- Covers the German attempt to capture the oil fields of the Caucasus in  Summer 1942. This oil could change the course of the war. 6)    Case Blue Phase II 42-43 - 25 Jul 42 - 5 Mar 43 -- Covers the critical phase of the German attack to seize Stalingrad, along with the rush south into the Caucasus. Assuming the Soviet player can hold on, it also covers the Soviet build up and counteroffensive that through the Germans back. 7)    Case Blue Phase II 43-43 - Alternate - 25 Jul 42 - 5 Mar 43 -- What if German High Command hadn’t dismantled their 11th Army after the capture of Sevastopol, but instead had kept it together to help take Stalingrad and the Caucasus. In this scenario you can find out the answer. 8)    Army Group A - Part II - Kuban Bridgehead - 1 Feb 43 - 10 October 43 – After the loss at Stalingrad, the German 17th Army was ordered to hold on to the Kuban Bridgehead. They did for over 8 months. Can you? 9)    AG C - Kutuzov to Bagration 43-44 - 12 Jul 43 - 2 Apr 44 -- This Soviet offensive began as Operation Citadel ended, and recaptured Orel and Smolensk in less than 3 months. Can the Soviets drive further into Belorussia and destroy Army Group Center a year early? 10)    Western Ukraine 43-44 - 3 Nov 43 - 25 Apr 44 -- The Soviet push into Western Ukraine which led to their recapture of Odessa, and the Battle of the Kemenets-Podolsky pocket. A punishing offensive, but could the Soviets have done even better? 11)    Drama on the Danube 44 - 20 Aug 44 - 5 May 45 -- A complete look at the unusual and varied fighting across the Balkans in 1944-45. Starting with the conversion of Romania and Bulgaria into Soviet allies, the scenario also covers the desperate attempt of the German forces in Greece to escape north. Covers the transition of the Yugoslavian partisan war into being part of the front line, the Soviet advance through Hungary, the last major German offensive of the war near Budapest, and the fall of Vienna. "The shipment of physical copies will be delayed until November 24th"

1226.44 RUB
Super Arcade Soccer 2021

SUPER ARCADE SOCCER 2021 позволяет по-новому взглянуть на футбол и объединяет лучшие современные технологии с классическими игровыми механиками. Мы взяли от них всё самое лучшее! Тактика и напряжённый игровой процесс — вот, что ждёт вас в этой уникальной игре. Играйте против ИИ, подобных которому вы ещё не видели. Наслаждайтесь огромным количеством соревнований и обширной базой данных с лучшими командами и игроками со всего мира. Играйте с друзьями или против них в лигах, кубках и товарищеских матчах — и даже в локальных матчах «Двое на двое»! Делайте подачи, ведите мяч, бейте, играйте головой, отбивайте в полёте... Используйте любые возможности, чтобы обойти соперника по очкам до финального свистка. ОСОБЕННОСТИ — Настоящие команды и игроки (клубы и международные команды). — Лиги, кубки и товарищеские матчи. — Локальные матчи «Двое на двое». — Отличная физика мяча. — Настройте свой состав. — Выбирайте разную тактику. — Реалистичный звук. — Семь навыков игроков (удары, передача, игра в воздухе, сила, контроль, выносливость и скорость). Бесконечные возможности для персонализации игроков (прически, бороды, телосложение, цвет кожи и т. д.). В игре вас ждут 100 клубов, 60 международных команд и 1800 игроков из реального мира.

34.84 RUB
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