Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: Anabasis

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Описание игры

They failed their mission. Now they must shepherd thousands of civilians home…

It started with a warning of a Cylon staging ground located at a distant mining colony. Samanta and Helena Agathon volunteered to lead a pre-emptive strike – 10,000 Colonial soldiers who would bring the fight to the Cylon. They were late. All they found was wreckage, the whole colony razed to the ground. No human was left alive.
Now Praetor Agathon turns her fleet to the lonely frontier colonies beyond Cyrannus. No one is out there to protect them, and no one else can reach them.
Drawn upon a CIC plotting table, Operation Anabasis is the only hope for the vulnerable colonists. The Agathon sisters must evacuate every survivor they can find and shepherd them back to Caprica. They can’t expect reinforcements and will find no shelter. They are greatly outnumbered and deep into enemy territory. Lachesis will not hesitate to pursue. And it’s a long trip home…

Anabasis is the most significant expansion for Battlestar Galactica Deadlock to date, completely revolutionising the game: it introduces a new game mode, Operation Anabasis, and also adds 11 new skirmish maps, 4 new munition types and 12 new resource missions!New survival mode
In the new survival mode called Operation Anabasis, you will be in command of a single fleet, comprising of both military and civilian ships. Your task is to flee and survive, and lead your soldiers and colonists back to Caprica. You will be hunted relentlessly. Jump after jump, you will find no reprieve.

Your resources are limited, but you may  be afforded the option to repair your ships and salvage resources after every jump. Each playthrough will be unique and completely randomised: you can choose the location of your next jump, and every location will have a different set of potential bonuses and penalties. You can customise your fleet, but remember: to flee is to survive, and time is against you. The Cylons will keep coming. Can you make it back home? How many will you save?New Skirmish Maps
Anabasis adds eleven new maps, available in single player or multiplayer skirmishes as well as in the new Operation Anabasis mode!

They are incredibly thematic and add great variety to the existing maps set. You can now fight in orbit of Caprica, scrambling with Cylon ships above the upper atmosphere of the planet. Face multiple clusters of dangerous neutral minefields in the new Vallum map, or hide in the gas nebula of the Niflheimr map. These are just three examples of the new maps: each of them has a unique theme, will provide new tactical situations and introduce new objects around which you’ll need to tailor your strategy.New munition types
New munition types that can be used in any game mode, for greatly increased tactical variety! Now Colonial and Cylon admirals will have more tools than ever at their disposal.

Debris mine - The debris mine is a directional remote frag mine, a new style of area control tool directed at controlling the airspace of squadrons. The munition deploys like a mine, however, once it reaches its destination, it automatically detonates. It is usable by Colonials.

Comet PCM - The Comet PCM is an unguided ballistic projectile for Cylons, consisting of a modified jamming suite and a homing device. The Comet is launched at an enemy ship and attempts to subvert any guided missiles whose path it crosses. It reprograms the guided munitions to follow the Comet, hopefully into the enemy ship. The name comes from the visuals of the Comet projectile followed by its tail of converted missiles.

EMP Generator - EMP generators are a method of discharging an electromagnetic pulse under “ideal” situations, damaging nearby Cylon capitals while minimising the damage to your own systems. This is usable by Colonials only. When used, instead of launching a missile from a missile tube, the launching ship instead winds up its generator for a period of 3 seconds, after which an EMP pulse is released, centred on the launching ship.

Scrambler - The Scrambler is a defensive sentry munition that projects an ECM field, scrambling the enemy’s DRADIS and target locks. Unlike other mines, the Scrambler will trigger if any unit - friendly or hostile - crosses the detection border. When triggered, the Scrambler deploys an ECM field of a 400U radius. All friendly units within the ECM field have their target lock removed, effectively making them hidden against guided munition attacks. Additionally, any hostile units inside of the ECM field are automatically identified and have the Maximum Strength of their Tech Bay reduced. This drastically hinders their DRADIS capability and makes them susceptible to hacking attacks or early guided munition launches.New resource missions
Twelve new resource missions are now available in the campaign. This increases the single-player campaign’s variety immensely, making you face plenty of new situations!

The new mission types are Interference, Station Purge, Hub Assault, Rescue Trade Minister, Diplomatic Relations, War Tourism, Tactical Advantage, Coordinated Strike, President’s Aide, Dropbox, Demolition Crew and Trojan. Each one of these presents a fresh new tactical goal you will need to reach, from reaching intel data in satellite dropboxes before the Cylons beat you to it (Dropbox) to seeding an experimental virus into a Cylon command ship (Trojan).

Системные требования

Минимальные системные требования:

  • ОС *: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Процессор: 2.0GHz or higher
  • Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: 1GB NVIDIA Geforce 460/ATI Radeon HD 5770 or better
  • DirectX: версии 11
  • Место на диске: 1 GB
  • Звуковая карта: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
  • Дополнительно: Broadband Internet connection for multiplayer required for Multiplayer

Рекомендуемые системные требования:

  • ОС *: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Процессор: 2.5GHz or higher
  • Оперативная память: 8 GB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: 2GB ATI Radeon HD 7970, 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 or better
  • DirectX: версии 11
  • Место на диске: 1 GB
  • Звуковая карта: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
  • Дополнительно: Broadband Internet connection for multiplayer required for Multiplayer

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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: Reinforcement Pack

War rages in the quaternary system of Cyrannus. It all started with a devastating surprise Cylon attack, and the Twelve Colonies recoiled. But the Colonials struck back with all they had. Years of war followed, years of sacrifice, heroism and massive bloodshed. Victory is still beyond the grasp of each side. Both the Cylons and the Colonials develop powerful new weapons and ships in an attempt to break this deadlock. New weapons and new strategies can turn the tide. He who wants to survive will need to learn. It is the way of war, there is no other option. Adapt or die. The Reinforcement Pack DLC brings new content to Battlestar Galactica Deadlock! With four new ships, new types of ammo and some surprises, the Reinforcement Pack is a must for every Colonial or Cylon admiral! New ships! Berzerk (Colonial) – A pocket-sized Assault Carrier, the Berzerk class carrier brings additional heavy artillery to the Colonial ranks and is an effective force multiplier in Colonial Fleet strike groups. The carrier is not designed to survive prolonged engagements by itself. However, when attached to a Battlestar fleet or strike group, it provides powerful complementary firepower and squadron support. Janus (Colonial) – A Heavy Cruiser, with high staying power and heavy armor plating. A really tough ship for heavy firepower battles. The Janus heavy cruiser is an old Gemenese ship, made popular during the later stages of the imperial wars between Virgon and Leonis. Heavy armor playing provides it with enough staying power to remain relevant in modern warfare, although its older fire control systems are considered outdated compared to more modern cruisers. Phobos (Cylon) – A High Impact Tech Cruiser specialized in Hacking; it possesses the unique ability to perform high-accuracy, short-range Tactical FTL Jumps mid-battle! The Phobos class tech cruiser has highly sophisticated DRADIS systems integrated into its FTL drives, allowing it to make tactical-range jumps while engaged with the enemy. An array of missile tubes, a forward-facing hangar and a powerful electronic warfare suite rounds out this high threat cruiser. Cerastes (Cylon) – A Defensive Gunship, this small and fast vessel was created as a response to the rapid escalation of Colonial Viper design. The Cerastes is fitted with high RoF point-defence turrets similar to those found on the flightpods of Battlestars, and specialises in softening hostile fighter squadrons. Mines! Proximity mine – Standard proximity munition, DRADIS IFF and occlusion sensors determine when a hostile unit breaches proximity, at which point the munition releases an explosive shrapnel payload, damaging all ships within the blast area. EMP mine – Colonial Fleet’s attempt at brute-forcing an advantage in electronic warfare. These mines release an EMP pulse when an enemy IFF comes within proximity. It does high subsystem damage to all ships in pulse range, but no physical damage. Homing Cluster mine – Cylon smart proxy mines use a combination of DRADIS and guidance systems to lock onto any hostile ship that comes within range of its detectors. The mine then uses reactive control jets to propel itself towards its target. The mine detonates on impact causing substantial damage.

67.70 RUB
Old World - Heroes of the Aegean

В Old World - Heroes of the Aegean вы сможете ощутить себя великим полководцем Древней Греции. Вам предстоит возглавить Афины и привести их к победе в Марафонской битве, вместе с царем Леонидом и 300 спартанцами защитить Грецию от вторжения персов в знаменитой битве при Фермопилах, а также в роли Александра Македонского покорить весь античный мир. Вас ждет множество сценариев, охватывающих более 200 лет истории древнего мира. В «Heroes of the Aegean» вас ждет шесть свободных исторических сценариев с уникальными персонажами и целями: Отбить первое персидское вторжение. Возглавьте Афины и одержите победу над армией персидского царя Дария I. В этом сценарии вы станете свидетелем легендарного Марафонского сражения и подвига греческого воина Фидиппида, отправившегося за подмогой в Спарту. Защитить Грецию в динамическом сценарии, где от ваших успехов зависит исход кампании. В роли царя Леонида примите участие в битве при Фермопилах и сдерживайте армию Ксеркса столько, сколько сможете, вступите в схватку с персидским флотом в Саламинском сражении и прогоните захватчиков со своей земли, одержав победу в легендарной битве при Платеях. Македонское вторжение и покорение Греции. В роли царя Филиппа II сражайтесь за выживание своего государства с превосходящими врагами и превратите Македонию из слабого царства в политический центр всей Греции. История про рыцарей плаща и кинжала. В роли царицы Олимпиады, вдовы недавно убитого царя Филиппа, удержите империю от распада и возведите на престол Александра Македонского, пока власть не захватили его соперники. Покорите древний мир. В роли Александра Македонского расширьте границы Македонского царства, покоряя соседние государства и участвуя в легендарной осаде Тира, захвате Газы и битве при Персидских воротах. Войны диадохов. В роли одного из генералов Александра Македонского примите участие в междуусобных войнах на территории царства, развалившегося после смерти императора. Бывшие союзники стали врагами. Победите их и предъявите свои права на территории, некогда входившие в состав Македонского царства. Кроме того, в «Heroes of the Aegean» в основной кампании станет доступна цивилизация хеттов, которую возглавляет воинственный царь Хаттусили I. Главный козырь хеттов — стремительные и очень опасные колесницы, вмещающие трех воинов, а также конституционная монархия, дающая им дополнительный соцкапитал. Кроме того, все воины хеттов, привыкшие к суровым пейзажам Анатолии, могут пересекать холмы без штрафов к скорости и дальности, а также вырубать леса. Все эти преимущества делают хеттов опасными соперниками для других цивилизаций древнего мира.

923.00 RUB
Train Valley 2: Workshop Gems – Sapphire

Сообщество Train Valley 2 — настоящая жемчужина! Ваши новаторские идеи помогают нам делать игру еще лучше. Наша железнодорожная сеть стремительно развивается. Совсем скоро мы достигнем отметки в 2000 пользовательских уровней. Мы собрали самые популярные уровни за недели и месяцы, усовершенствовали их и создали серию наборов под названием «Train Valley 2 GEMs». Мы ради представить вам третий набор из этой серии — «Train Valley 2: Sapphire». * Вас ждут 58 новых полностью переработанных уровней * Захватывающее сочетание различных игровых механик и эпох * Множество заданий, которые заставят вас пошевелить мозгами

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Worms Clan Wars

Worms™ Clan Wars brings friends and families together in the noble pursuit of self‐improvement, world domination, and exploding sheep.Worms™ Clan Wars is the biggest and best Worms™ game to date - more worms, larger landscapes, more dynamic water, more weapons, and more customization items than ever before. Worms™ Clan Wars is designed to take full advantage of next-gen PC hardware. It features beautiful high-definition 3D visuals (but still retains the classic 2D gameplay) with new lighting effects, new features to help users interact socially, exciting additions to improve the single-player experience, and more of everything a Worms fan could want.Form Clans, Take On The WorldJoin together with friends and other Worms™ Clan Wars players to form a fearsome team; name your clan, design your own emblem, and promote other players to act as leaders and officers. Enter your clan into the league and fight together to make your mark on the leaderboards. Nobody wants an empty trophy cabinet!Keep in touch with friends and foes alike using WormNET, the game’s own lobby, and chat system. Each clan has its own chat channel, and a number of other channels cater to a variety of hardcore gaming tastes! Jump online to hang out, chat, recruit new members, or find games.Stay connected with the game when on the road with a mobile companion application (web, iOS, and Android). This is the best online multiplayer Worms™ ever!Slick Single Player Gameplay TooStory Mode’ adds a ton of variety by introducing physics-based contraptions for the first time ever. A plethora of interesting machinery spices up the gameplay, and makes solo Worms™ much more fun! The single‐player game isn’t only about dealing with death and destruction, it’s also about negotiating tricky swinging rope bridges and rescuing friendlies from death-defying traps! The player spends much more time playing, and much less time waiting for their A.I. opponent to take a shot.Get Busy With Steam WorkshopFancy yourself as the artistic type? Steam Workshop integration allows you to get creative! Now you can make your worms wear exactly the outfits that you want them to. Import your own 3D objects and textures into the game using a separate tool. You can model hats, glasses, mustaches, trinkets, and gravestones for your worms. You can also design your own landscapes! Proud of your creations? You can share them online, thanks to Steam Workshop!Worms™ Clan Wars is the most fully-featured version of Worms™ yet!The game hardcore fans have been craving!New: Clan SupportNew: Multiplayer Clan LeaguesNew: Clan Emblem EditorNew: Companion App for iOS/Android/WebNew: Steam Workshop Support. Create your own customization items, design your own landscapes and then share them with Steam Workshop.New: Day to Night Lighting TransitionsNew: Physics-Based ‘Contraptions’Landscape EditorOver 200 individual customization items for the worms65 Weapons and Utilities including 10 outrageous new items: Mega Mortar, Gravedigger, Winged Monkey, Oxygen, Worm Charm, Bovine Blitz, Whoopsie Cushion, Teleport Raygun, Aqua Pack and The Equaliser4 Improved Worm Classes including new special abilities5 Environments: Inca, Viking, Feudal Japan, Industrial Revolution, and PrehistoricMultiplayer Deathmatch and Fort modes25 Single Player story missions10 ‘Worm‐Ops’ time attack missions30% Larger Landscapes (Biggest Ever!)

2022.00 RUB
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