Shadow Empire

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Описание игры

Shadow Empire is a deep turn-based 4X wargame with a unique blend of military focus, procedurally generated content and role-playing features.

Shadow Empire places you into the seat of the supreme ruler of a small nation. Destiny and greatness awaits if you succeed in reconquering a devastated planet. Plunge into an alien universe and explore another world in a dark and unforgiving future.

Take command and engage in great military conquests and delicate diplomacy. Control your nation’s budgets, recruit and manage governors and commanders, build your economy and  infrastructure and much more.

Shadow Empire is one of the most ambitious games VR Designs has ever made. It is a rich experience and a truly unique game. One that is unlike any you have ever experienced before.

Make agonizing decisions in response to events occurring in your Nation, demands from your Leaders or from third parties such as cults and crime syndicates. You can also use your available Stratagems to create new opportunities and enhance your Nation. You will be able to optimize every aspect of your rule.

Recruit Leaders and appoint them to become zone governors, council directors, army commanders or advisors. Leaders can have over 40 different skills and can receive Leader feats to augment their statistics.

Install a parliament, senate or politburo in your nation and change the machinery of your government over the course of a game.

Engage with your neighbours on the diplomatic front: Minor regimes can be coerced to become vassals. Major regimes can be tied down with pacts and deals, ensuring a peaceful coexistence or you can use your spies to manipulate their politics and reveal their military forces.

Attempt to manage the expectations of your people and your leaders. There is a strong role-playing and human dynamics element to Shadow Empire. If you are not careful in their management, you may have to deal with discontent, strikes, corruption or even all out rebellion.

Shadow Empire has specialized procedural design that ensures high replayability and allows vast experimentation. It is not just the planets that are procedurally generated, your equipment, vehicles, leaders, location and more are variable.

Explore procedurally generated planets that follow the rules of Astrobiology. Including detailed climate, rainfall, deserts, snow, glaciers, lava streams, deep forests, alien evolutions, mountain chains, resources, rivers, biohazard levels, respiratory hazard levels and more.

Exploit the planet with a huge variety of mining operations: Water, metal, rare metals, oil and even radioactive materials. Prospecting is often necessary for discovering resources that could be mined and you‘ll need to scavenge through the ruins of fallen empires and discover rare artifacts from a lost age.

There is also a separate system for discovery of technology, formations and units. Your Research and development path is different every game and this ensures that the route to success is different every time, too.

Explore 150+ stratagems and deploy them as you see fit.

Stratagems are complete plans and series of actions that allow you to complete vast swathes of micromanagement tasks simply and easily. This system can also help you respond quickly to a crisis or unforeseen situation.

Discover and design 30+ different unit types such as light tanks, walkers, missile launchers and much more. Design your units to fit the needs of your army, choose their loadouts, balance speed and armor and create the exact land and air forces that your nation needs. Shadow Empire comes with over 100 different formation types, deploy Infantry regiments, Siege Battalions, Tank Divisions and so much more.

Fight battles with detailed combat resolution taking into account factors as readiness, morale, supply, experience, entrenchment, landscape, recon, rivers, weapon and armor technologies, concentric attacks, leader skills and posture stratagems.

Discover and research over 100 different fields of technology.
The game starts at a low level of technology as your nation drags itself out of the ruins of a galactic collapse, but at the end of the tech tree you’ll find knowledge that allows you to build exciting technologies such as ICBMs, laser guns, atomic missile launchers, walkers, shield-generators and more.

Manage a realistic supply chain that has real consequences, running out of ammo could mean that your military is unable to attack or defend itself. Running out of food could have even more dire implications.

Extend your logistical network capabilities by building roads or rails as well as constructing truck stations, maglev stations and supply base assets. Develop transport helicopters and cargo planes to set up Air Bridges to support Invasions or to drop supplies into isolated positions.

Системные требования

Минимальные системные требования:

  • 64-разрядные процессор и операционная система
  • ОС *: Windows Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Процессор: 1.5 GHZ
  • Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: 8MB video memory, 1280x768 or higher resolution
  • DirectX: версии 9.0c
  • Место на диске: 1 GB
  • Звуковая карта: DirectX Compatible 9 Sound Card

Рекомендуемые системные требования:

  • 64-разрядные процессор и операционная система
  • ОС *: Windows Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Процессор: 1.5 GHZ
  • Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: 8MB video memory, 1280x768 or higher resolution
  • DirectX: версии 9.0
  • Место на диске: 1 GB
  • Звуковая карта: DirectX Compatible 9 Sound Card

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125.89 RUB
Blood Rage: Digital Edition

Ragnarök is coming! The sky is falling and the end is upon you… In Blood Rage, the digital adaptation of the hit strategy board game, you lead a proud Viking clan in their final fight for glory and the right of passage to Valhalla before the world finally comes to its fiery conclusion. Take command of your warriors, pillage villages, make good use of gifts from the gods and conquer your place with Odin in Valhalla. Life is fleeting, but glory is eternal. Now is the time for rage! Created by acclaimed designer Eric Lang (Rising Sun, Arcadia Quest, Chaos in the Old World), Blood Rage lets you lead one of the seven ancient Viking clans: The Wolf, Bear, Serpent, Raven, Ram, Wild Boar and Stag clan. Each with their own unique miniatures of warriors and leaders. In Blood Rage, your goal is to achieve the greatest amount of glory before the end of the third and final age—and the arrival of Ragnarök. Each god is generous in their own way: Frigga provides resources and support, Tyr strengthens your clan in battle while Loki rewards losing battles or punishes the opposing winner. Drafting gifts from a god will determine the strategy you want to implement. Choose your cards wisely or deprive your opponents of precious gifts. For your clan, there are many paths to Glory: •    Invade the mythical land of Midgard and its nine provinces, pillaging their villages and the province of Yggdrasil. •    Crush other clans in ferocious battles and encounter legendary creatures from Norse mythology. •    Fulfill quests in honor of the mighty gods. •    Die gloriously in battle or from Ragnarök as any Viking was born to do. •    The only losing strategy in Blood Rage is to cower from combat.   Earning your place to Valhalla in single-player mode is glorious. Eternal triumph, however, can only be achieved by reaching the top of the leaderboard in ranked online multiplayer. Fight to gain entry to Valhalla: Pillage, fight, sacrifice… Experience a new type of strategy game where victory can only be achieved by commanding your warriors in the field of battle in the face of final doom. Welcome to Midgard: Dozens of 3d scanned miniatures and a dynamic board faithful to the original boardgame. Multi-layered strategy game: Blood Rage mixes draft, hidden cards, resource management and its sheer load of trickery. Plan your strategy but be ready to adapt to your opponents’ choices: winning battles is not always the best course of action. Up to five Players: Introducing the ‘5th player expansion’ giving the options to play up to five players. All the miniatures from the Ram, Wild Boar and Stag clans as well as the God Gifts cards from the ‘5th Player Expansion’ of the board game are available in this digital edition for free. Become the greatest Viking Leader: Play solo against AI, local multi-player via hotseat or online multiplayer with ELO ranking and leaderboards.

662.17 RUB
Port Royale 4

Ставьте паруса и присоединяйтесь к одной из колониальных держав XVII века: Испании, Англии, Нидерландам или Франции, чтобы сражаться за господство над Карибским морем. В игре Port Royale 4 вам предстоит стать юным и амбициозным правителем колонии, который мечтает выяснить, как же превратить небольшое поселение в оживленный торговый город. Развивайте производственные цепочки, соединяющие несколько островов, и создавайте сложные торговые маршруты, чтобы пересечь Карибское море и удовлетворить растущие потребности развивающихся городов. Изучите подробную морскую карту, чтобы избежать регионов со штормовой погодой, утесов или мелководья. Выполняйте задания вице-короля вашей страны, чтобы прославиться и разблокировать новые здания, корабли и многое другое. Завоевывайте города противников или охотьтесь за их кораблями с каперской грамотой, но берегитесь других пиратов. Впервые в этой серии игр морские битвы будут пошаговыми. В битву может вступать до 8 кораблей, и капитаны могут тактически маневрировать, чтобы одержать блистательную победу даже в самой безнадежной ситуации. Другие рекомендуемые игры Kalypso Media

1224.21 RUB
Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy - Vehicle Pack

IMPORTANT: This content requires the base game Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy and the previous DLC Commonwealth Forces and Market Garden on Steam in order to play. Vehicle Pack for Combat Mission Battle for Normandy brings some interesting oddball vehicles to the Western Front environment. From the rather obscure Halftrack U304(f) repurposed French halftrack to the more famous Churchill Crocodile there's plenty of fun in this Pack.Features•    19 new vehicles, 5 AT Bunkers, and 3 Backpack Flamethrowers. •    Some vehicles have new capabilities, such as clearing mines or throwing flame, others use traditional methods of destroying things.

1248.34 RUB
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