Future Wars

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Radon Labs
Headup Games
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Русский, Английский, Немецкий
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Описание игры

Battle it out on the proving grounds and get ready for Future Wars.
                    Similar to classic titles such as Advance Wars and Battle Isle, the game takes strategy gaming away from the micro-management overkill that it has become and using simple, proven rock-paper-scissors principles, reopens the genre to everyone.
                    With a modern 3D engine providing the graphics, a proven, easy to learn, but difficult to master set of rules surrounded by an engaging plot and challenging gameplay, the game will appeal to newcomers and hard-core gamers alike.
                    Also available is unlimited access and infinite possibilities to mod the game through open data structure, open scripts and an easy-to-use editor.FeaturesModern 3D graphics & proven gameplay embedded in an engaging and sometimes, humorous plot
                    Infinite modding possibilities through open data structure, open scripts and editor
                    Novel and unique game modes such as AI vs. AI or play-by-email
                    Rock-paper-scissors principle makes Future Wars easy to learn but difficult to master
                    In-game achievements allows for hours of replay to acquire top honors

Системные требования

Минимальные системные требования:

  • OS *: Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7
  • Processor: Pentium D 3.0 GHZ or capable processors
  • Memory: 1GB (2GB for multiplayer)
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon X1600XT or capable graphics adapter supporting PixelShader 2.0 or nVidia Geforce 8800GTS or better
  • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 500MB space free
  • Sound: DirectSound® compatible

Рекомендуемые системные требования:

  • OS *: Windows® XP / Vista™ / Windows® 7
  • Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2.13GHZ or better
  • Memory: 1GB (2GB for multiplayer)
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon X1600XT or capable graphics adapter supporting PixelShader 2.0 or nVidia Geforce 8800GTS or better
  • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive: 500MB space free
  • Sound: DirectSound® compatible

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Field of Glory II: Rise of Persia

This expansion extends Field of Glory II back to 681 BC, and allows players to experience the last flowering of chariot warfare in the ancient near-East. It chronicles the decline and fall of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, the rise of the Median and Babylonian Empires, and the conquest of these and the Lydian and Egyptian Kingdoms by the Achaemenid Persians. The Neo-Assyrian Empire, founded in the late 10th century BC, reached its greatest extent at the end of the reign of Esarhaddon (681-669), stretching from Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) in the East to Cilicia (in southern Turkey) in the north-west, and Lower (northern) Egypt in the south-west. Its last strong king was Ashurbanibal (669-627), though Egypt seceded quietly during his reign. Following his death the situation rapidly deteriorated, with a series of civil wars. In 626 Babylonia rose in revolt. Between 616 and 609 the Assyrian Empire was destroyed by an alliance of Medes and Babylonians. The Babylonians under Nebuchadnezzar II then took over most of the former Assyrian Empire, only Egypt remaining independent. The Medes carved out a large empire in the north and east, halted in the west only by the Lydian Kingdom in western Asia Minor. By the mid 6th century BC, the fertile crescent was divided between four powerful states, the Neo-Babylonian Empire, the Median Empire and the Kingdoms of Lydia and Egypt. In 553 Cyrus II the Great, King of the small Persian Kingdom of Anshan in the Persian Gulf, revolted against his overlord and grandfather, the Median King Astyages, and took over the Median Empire, which thus became the Achaemenid Persian Empire. He conquered Lydia in 546 and Babylon in 539.  Egypt was conquered by his son Cambyses II in 525. This made the Achaemenid Persian Empire the largest the world had yet known, stretching from the Bosporus to western India. Summary of features: ·         12 new factions ·         32 new units ·         21 new army lists ·         6 new Epic Battles ·         35 new Quick Battles ·         Expanded Custom Battles module. ·         Expanded Sandbox Campaign module. ·         4 new historically-based campaigns. ·         Mixed units with front-rank spearmen, back rank archers. FEATURES ·         12 new named factions: Assyrians, Babylonians, Cimmerians, Cypriots, Egyptians, Elamites, Hebrews, Kushites, Mannaeans, Medes, Phoenicians, Urartians. ·         32 new units: Assyrian-style Heavy Chariots, Assyrian-style Cavalry, Veteran Assyrian-style Cavalry, Assyrian-style Guard Foot, Assyrian-style Heavy Foot, Assyrian-style Medium Foot, Raw Assyrian-style Medium Foot, Hebrew Foot, Gibborim, Hebrew Light Archers, Egyptian-style Heavy Chariots, Egyptian Spearmen, Egyptian Massed Archers, Egyptian Light Archers, Egyptian Light Javelinmen, Egyptian Irregular Foot, Elamite (Light) Chariots, (Near-Eastern) Archers, (Near-Eastern) Massed Archers, Mede Spearmen, Early Cavalry, Unarmoured Horse Archer Cavalry, Phoenician Spearmen, Lydian Hoplites, Sassanid Heavy Foot, (Sassanid) Massed Archers, Praetorian Guard, Praetorian Guard (Late), Greek Peltasts, Thracian Peltasts, Massed Thracian Peltasts, Thracian Spearmen. ·         21 new army lists (which expands the total number of army lists to 191). ·         6 new Epic Battles: Ulai 653 BC (Assyrians vs Elamites), Nineveh 612 BC (Babylonians and Medes vs Assyrians), Megiddo 609 BC (Judeans vs Egyptians), Carchemish 605 BC (Babylonians vs Egyptians), Pasargadae 550 BC (Persians vs Medes), Opis 539 BC (Persians vs Babylonians) (each playable from either side). ·         35 new Quick Battles (each playable from either side). ·         Expanded Field of Glory II Custom Battles module now includes all 191 army lists from Immortal Fire, Rise of Rome, Legions Triumphant, Age of Belisarius and Rise of Persia. (Purchase of the appropriate DLCs is necessary to access them all). ·         Expanded Field of Glory II Sandbox Campaigns module now includes all 191 army lists from Immortal Fire, Rise of Rome, Legions Triumphant, Age of Belisarius and Rise of Persia. (Purchase of the appropriate DLCs is necessary to access them all). ·         4 new historically-based campaigns: o   Ashurbanipal (Neo-Assyrian Empire) o   Fall of Assyria o   Nebuchadnezzar II (Neo-Babylonian Empire) o   Rise of Persia ·         Mixed units with front-rank spearmen, back rank archers.

152.71 RUB
Meridian: Squad 22

Humanity is in peril. The first colonization attempt of mankind has failed and the colonist crew is missing. The leaders of the United Earth decide to send a highly trained specialist squad to planet Meridian to find the crew and bring them home safely. Meridian: Squad 22 is a single-player science-fiction real-time strategy game with a focus on base building and advanced tactics. Every single choice, every tactical decision you make, shapes the outcome of your story. Will you take the offensive route or stay on the defensive? Will you consider the lives of your crew a priority or will you sacrifice them mercilessly to gain the upper hand? Ede Tarsoly, the lone developer behind Elder Games has teamed up with Hexany Audio, the award-winning sound design team, to bring you an experience like none other with unparalelled fidelity.Key FeaturesControl the fate of Squad 22 and the colonists in the 10+ hour story-mode campaign Vanquish your foes on planet Meridian in over 100 procedurally generated missions in Planetary Conquest Polished, dynamic and fluid unit control Over one hour of immersive music Fantastic sound effects brought to you by an award-winning sound design team

315.83 RUB
Combat Mission Black Sea

Combat Mission Black Sea is a military grade simulation depicting a fictional series of escalations between Russian and Ukraine which results in open conflict in the summer of 2017. As Russian forces move into Ukrainian territory the Ukrainians do their best to defend their country against a numerically and technologically superior adversary. Events surrounding the invasion cause NATO to send its advanced rapid deployment forces to check the Russian advance. A brutal scenario, for sure, but one which allows you to get a glimpse of what full spectrum contemporary near-peer tactical warfare is all about. HIGHLIGHTS At your command are detailed, highly researched American, Ukrainian, and Russian units from common brigade types such as Mech Infantry, Motor Rifle, Stryker, Armored, and more. All the capabilities one expects on the modern battlefield are included, such as Active Protection Systems (APS) swatting incoming threats, UAVs hovering around the battlefield transmitting valuable intel, and precision guided artillery munitions that find their mark in one shot. Well, as long as the enemy's electronic warfare attempts fail, otherwise you might find your finely tuned fighting machine isn't so finely tuned after all. Take all of this for a spin with four high-stakes campaigns, 22 standalone scenarios, and a plethora of Quick Battle maps to test your tactical acumen. FEATURES - Tactical warfare at battalion and below scale in a true 3D environment - Command individual vehicles, teams, and squads - Expansive simulation of "soft factors" such as Morale, Experience, and Leadership - Innovative systems portraying Fog of War, Spotting, Line of Sight, Command & Control, and Objectives - Unmatched realistic physics, ballistics, and battlefield effects - Fight in a wide range of weather and lighting conditions, all of which realistically impact fighting abilities - Unique hybrid system for RealTime or WeGo (turn based) play - Full featured Editor for maps, scenarios, and campaigns - Quick Battle system sets up deliberate or randomized battles based on player specifications - Single player and head to head play, including Play By Email (PBEM) - Supported for the long haul with patches, upgrades, and expansions

2805.56 RUB
City of Gangsters

В этой игре с акцентом на экономическое управление вам предстоит начать преступную деятельность с нуля и превратить ее в хорошо отлаженную денежную машину! Стройте винные погреба и нелегальные ликеро-водочные заводы. Управляйте производственными цепочками и распределением ресурсов. Устраивайте нелегальные игорные притоны и выжимайте досуха своих должников. Контрабандой вывозите товары из города и подкупайте полицию, чтобы она не обращала на это внимания. Создайте мощную команду и держите соперников под своим контролем. Устраняйте конкурентов и властвуйте в городе. Но самое главное - не выпускайте деньги из рук. На дворе 1920 год, в США принимается «сухой закон». В результате действий Конгресса огромный сегмент национальной экономики в мгновение ока становится незаконным: бары и салоны закрываются, ликеро-водочные заводы и пивоварни прекращают работу, торговцы алкоголем объявляются вне закона. Но наступает новая эра: золотой век для контрабандистов, черных рынков, нелегального производства и организованной преступности. Здесь и начинается ваша история. Вы новичок в городе на заре «сухого закона», у вас есть амбиции и желание добиться успеха. За многочисленными фасадами города строятся импровизированные винокурни, секретные погрузочные доки, ночные подпольные бары. Пробейтесь в эту незаконную сеть, и весь мир будет у ваших ног. Но не стоит довольствоваться парочкой долларов. Мыслите масштабнее. Гораздо масштабнее. Начните производство самодельной выпивки, обзаведитесь собственными самогонными аппаратами и найдите сырьё для изготовления алкоголя. Изучите новые методы приготовления дорогих напитков или займитесь контрабандой импортной выпивки, чтобы раздобыть средства для развития своего криминального бизнеса. Скоро вы будете снабжать целые кварталы и открывать собственные подпольные бары. На черном рынке связи играют не меньшую роль, чем доллары. Когда вокруг рыщут копы и федералы, доверие превыше всего, а правильные знакомства на вес золота. Заводите полезных друзей и позаботьтесь, чтобы те, кому вы оказали услугу, замолвили за вас доброе слово. Чтобы развивать свой бизнес, выполнять поставки и защищать продукцию от завистливых конкурентов, вам понадобится немало подельников. Амбиции вашей преступной организации ограничены лишь количеством работающих на вас людей. Платите им, вооружайте их и следите за порядком, и не успеете оглянуться, как достигнете успеха. Но соблюдайте осторожность — всё, что вы делаете, не остаётся незамеченным, а члены мафии стоят друг за друга горой. Отправляете ли вы своих людей припугнуть кого-то или, наоборот, кому-то помочь, учтите, что ваши действия будут иметь последствия. С расширением империи убедите местных жителей в том, что о ваших и их товарах позаботятся. Установив контроль над территорией, вы обеспечите безопасность своей сети, получите базу для дохода и множество возможностей для дальнейшего роста и развития. В этом городе полно возможностей — вам остаётся лишь ими воспользоваться. Но у вас всего несколько лет, чтобы оставить свой след в истории, построить самый крупный и прибыльный преступный синдикат, победить конкурентов и подчинить себе весь город. После 1933 года все будет кончено, алкоголь снова станет легальным, а вести бизнес честно… Что ж, все знают, что большие деньги так не делаются.

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