The Dweller

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Описание игры

"The Dweller" is a puzzle game where YOU ARE THE MONSTER.

A team of archaeologists are exploring an ancient underground city. Unfortunately for them, they've awoken a monster... You play as that monster. It's your goal to get rid of all those pesky intruders invading the ruins that you call your home.

You are an ancient and powerful entity, however, your movement is restricted to the cave rock, so use your wits and the various boulders in the caverns to navigate the ruins, and reach and eliminate everyone in each level. Discover new mechanics as you play through the game, such as teleportation.

As you beat levels, you unlock notes that reveal the story of the game. Discover the fate of the archaeologists, learn of a mysterious clandestine organization, and maybe even find out your origins.

-Scare, Crush, and Devour the archaeologists!
-Non-linear level map
-Deviously difficult puzzles
-Over 50 levels
-More than 25 story notes.

Системные требования

Минимальные системные требования:

  • ОС *: Windows 7
  • Процессор: 1.0 GHz Processor
  • Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: DirectX compatible graphics
  • DirectX: версии 9.0c
  • Место на диске: 200 MB
  • ОС: Ubuntu 14.04.5 64 bit
  • Процессор: 1.0 GHz Processor
  • Оперативная память: 2 GB ОЗУ
  • Видеокарта: nVidia GeForce 6200, ATI/AMD Radeaon HD2400 XT
  • Место на диске: 200 MB

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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Escalation Pack

New unit types for all factions enter the fray with the Escalation Pack. Each of the new units brings something new to their faction, from exceptional abilities to overwhelming firepower.Chaos Space Marines - ForgefiendFast walker unit with twin rotary guns. The Forgefiend Daemon Engine was originally devised to sow death amongst enemy forces from afar. Roughly centauroid in form, the torso of the Forgefiend boasts twin weapon-mounts that carry hell-forged parodies of Imperial armaments. The most common Forgefiends are created with pairs of hades autocannons in place of their primary limbs, rotary gun-clusters that allow them to scythe down masses of enemy troops and even lightly armoured vehicles with contemptuous ease.Tyranids - Hive GuardsRanged tough infantry unit. Hive Guard are heavily armoured gun-beasts bound to extremely powerful symbiotic bio-weapons. Though they have no eyes, Hive Guard possess a weak telepathic ability that allows them to perceive through the senses of other Tyranids, giving them access to a wealth of targeting information that would overwhelm even the most sophisticated technological cogitator. The scant mental capacity apportioned to the Hive Guard means that, without the direction of the Hive Mind, they have been known to stand motionless, waiting for prey to come within range instead of moving forwards to engage.Adeptus Mechanicus - Skitarii RangersDoctrina Imperatives infantry unit with a sniper weapon and move through cover. Where the Tech-Priests are hunters of knowledge, their Skitarii Rangers are hunters of sentient creatures – the enemies of the Omnissiah in particular. These unstoppable cyborgs do not rest until the bloody deed is done, for they are driven ever onward by the imperative to locate their foes and ensure their destruction. They do this not in Drop Pod strikes launched from above, nor by sudden teleportation into the midst of the enemy, but by stalking their quarry over the course of weeks or even months until it can run no more. Once the designated target is in their crosshairs the air fills with the thump and crackle of galvanic weaponry, even as the Skitarii continue their relentless advance. The stink of electrocuted corpses is never far behind.Space Marines – ScoutsInfantry unit specializing in reconnaissance and infiltration. The first the enemy knows of a Scout Squad’s presence is when its advance is brought to a sudden, violent halt. Heads snap back and warriors crumple to the floor, neat holes drilled through their skulls by sniper fire. The sudden boom of shotguns sees foes thrown from their feet with bloody craters blasted in their chests and backs. Bolt pistols bark, counterpointed by the thump of heavy bolter fire and the screams of the dying as enemies caught in the crossfire are torn apart by mass-reactive shells. Even artillery and heavy weapons troopers are not safe, as ambushing Scouts burst from concealment to wreak havoc on the enemy’s rear lines. However a Scout Squad chooses to attack its foes, it will be with total surprise and from an unexpected quarter, their stealth and cunning proving to be just as deadly as bolter and blade.Astra Militarum – Devil DogFast tank unit with a deadly armour-melting cannon. Acquiring its name from the high-pitched howl this weapon makes upon firing, the Devil Dog is capable of punching far above its weight in armoured combat. Indeed, many Devil Dog crews style themselves as big game hunters or monster slayers, excelling in the eradication of enemy armour and exceptionally heavy infantry assets. A foe forced to fight protracted campaigns in dense terrain against the Imperial Guard soon learns to dread the hunched silhouette of the Devil Dog – those who don’t soon find their vehicles reduced to molten slag by this aggressive and fast moving tank hunter.Necrons – Ghost ArkTransport vehicle with healing abilities. Ghost Arks are tasked with trawling for remnants of Necrons unable to self-repair. Recovered components are set upon by swarms of constructor scarabs that return the fallen Necrons to full function. Repaired warriors are then locked in stasis until the Ghost Ark is at capacity, at which point it will either return its cargo to their tomb world or else deploy them directly into battle. Ghost Arks are often used as conventional transports that ferry reinforcements into battle – however, they truly come into their own once their grim cargo has disembarked. Drifting behind the ranks of Necrons, the Arks flicker with emerald energies as they repair one fallen foot soldier after another. The enemy can only watch with dawning horror as their best efforts to slay the Necrons are undone.Craftworld Aeldari – HornetsFast reconnaissance skimmer unit. The Hornet is a small, single-seater attack craft deployed by Aeldari armoured forces in a fast reconnaissance and raiding role. It can be found at the forefront of Aeldari armoured attacks, speeding ahead of the main force of Wave Serpents, often operating alongside other high-speed attack craft such as Jetbikes and Vypers. Even by the Aeldari race's high standards, the Hornet's engine is a wonder of its kind.Orks - Megatrakk ScrapjetsA metal tube covered in things that make enemies die. A favourite amongst Speed Freeks and grounded Flyboyz alike, Megatrakk Scrapjets provide rocket-propelled acceleration, impressive firepower and the hilarity of ramming into enemy lines at the helm of what is effectively a gigantic, thrust-driven drill. These vehicles allow former Ork pilots to revel in the dimly-remembered joy of mowing down enemies at point-blank range – a joy which, of course, often caused the Flyboy to crash in the first place. Explosions blossom amidst the enemy as rokkits and missiles collide with their targets, while Grot tail-gunners blaze away with chattering big shootas – the array of weaponry welded, bolted, riveted and lashed onto a Megatrakk Scrapjet is fearsome.T'au – Tiger SharkFlying super-heavy fighter-bomber unit equipped with maximum firepower. The Tiger Shark is a large aircraft deployed in a fighter bomber role. Often encountered flying in support of T'au Hunter cadres during major operations, the Tiger Shark's main role appears to be the deployment of drones although, more recently, those armed with multiple seeker missiles have also been encountered. Efforts by the Adeptus Mechanicus to recover damaged Tiger Shark craft from battlefields have been met by fierce resistance by T'au Empire forces, as well as by certain elements of the Inquisition.

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Homeworld Remastered Collection

Homeworld Remastered Collection включает:     •    Homeworld Remastered Edition     •    Homeworld 2 Remastered Edition     •    Многопользовательский режим Homeworld Remastered — Steam И в качестве награды вы получаете доступ к:     •    Homeworld Classic     •    Homeworld Classic Погрузитесь в эпические космические стратегии, которые дали новое определение жанру стратегий в реальном времени. Контролируйте флот кораблей и постройте собственную армаду, пройдя более чем 30 одиночных миссий. Выбирайте типы кораблей, построения флота и боевую тактику в зависимости от стратегической ситуации. Применяйте самые передовые исследования, чтобы строить широкий спектр кораблей — от обычного истребителя до гигантского авианосца. Игры серии Homeworld были тщательно переработаны ключевыми членами команды разработчиков оригинальных игр, которые учли пожелания и помощь преданных участников сообщества фанатов. Homeworld Remastered Collection представляет игрокам легендарные космические стратегии от Relic — Homeworld и Homeworld 2, адаптированные под современные операционные системы, использующие новейшие технологии графического рендеринга, плюс новую систему подсчета очков и полностью переработанные в высоком качестве записи голосов актеров оригинальной озвучки. В качестве бесплатного дополнения коллекция содержит оригинальные, не переработанные версии Homeworld Classic и Homeworld 2 Classic, которые являются точными образами изначальных игр, адаптированных к современным операционным системам. Homeworld Remastered Collection также дает доступ к многопользовательскому режиму Homeworld Remastered на Steam. Многопользовательские режимы Homeworld и Homeworld 2 были объединены в одном централизованном режиме, который дает доступ ко контенту (расы, карты и игровые режимы), а также улучшениям, особенностям и технологиям обеих игр, позволяя устраивать ничем не ограниченные космические многопользовательские баталии эпических масштабов. Дополнительные возможности:     •    стройте и сражайтесь более чем 100 кораблями     •    Улучшенные для высокого разрешения текстуры и модели     •    Новые визуальные эффекты     •    Поддержка разрешений HD, UHD и 4K     •    Новая обработка оригинальных звуковых эффектов и музыки     •    Видеоролики пересняты в высоком разрешении с участием оригинальных актеров     •    Поддержка модификаций и инструментарий для моддинга     •    Бонусные архивные версии Homeworld Classic и Homeworld 2 Classic, содержащие подлинные версии изначальных игр и адаптированные к современным операционным системам     •     Получите доступ к многопользовательскому режиму Homeworld Remastered на Steam: сражайтесь расами из Homeworld против рас из Homeworld 2 на 23 картах, поддерживающих до 8 игроков одновременно, плюс новые игровые режимы

1809.00 RUB

Четыре расы волшебников, адептов четырех магических сфер, сталкиваются в жестоком противоборстве за обладание миром. Культовая игра “Демиурги”, созданная компанией Nival, стала мировым бестселлером и заслужила высочайшие оценки критиков из ведущих изданий. “Демиурги” – это великолепное сочетание пошаговой стратегии и коллекционной карточной игры. Инновационные игровые механики, которые впервые появились здесь, легли в основу большинства современных игр этого жанра.Ключевые особенности4 расы магических существ, каждая со своими, не похожими на другие землями, архитектурой, заклинаниями и боевой тактикой; 2 военные кампании на стороне двух союзных рас; Более 300 заклинаний, включающих колдовство, заклятия, вызов магических существ и ритуалы; Более 10 игровых уровней, связанных единой сценарной линией; 64 героя четырех рас; параметры, специальные умения и выбранные навыки героев растут с их уровнем; Индивидуальный стиль боя для каждого героя с помощью собственного набора заклинаний; Сочетание магической боевой системы, основанной на принципах настольных карточных игр и стратегического управления ресурсами; Полностью трехмерный пошаговый бой с неограниченным множеством тактических решений.

156.36 RUB
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